29 December 2010

Graffiti is An Art

Hello there,

I dunno why I suddenly wanted to write about 'GRAFFITI'. Graffiti is well known as wall paintings, usually they used spray. We often seen graffiti arts around us, on the road side, an empty walls or an empty buildings. Not many people like it though because they said it was a vandalism. But they didn't vandalized things you know, they just made an arts, an images or even a simple word that combine to be words.

 Maybe this is an illegal things to do, but the graffiti they've done just so mesmerized, beautiful, awesome yet cool and sometimes there's hidden meanings behinds the images or words of the graffiti. I know it sounds silly, but the truth is I think the graffiti makers are way awesome because they can make arts using only a bottle of spray and the result was beyond our imagination.

 I love graffiti because is an art not because I support vandalism okay! lol :) At least they didn't do criminals such as stealing, killing, rob a bank or whatever, they just do paintings and spraying that in the end it makes an empty wall into a colorful arts.

 Farewell and sweetest bye.

I just watched Tron Legacy and the movie was full with lights and lasers. And when I was google-ing for graffiti images suddenly I found about 'Light Graffiti'. Gosh it was so lightning, and magic and beautiful. Just fantastic, I never knew about this light graffiti though. Here are some pictures :)

Isn't it magic? hee I love it

21 December 2010

Wedding in Singapore

Hey fellas,
Last weekend I was attended two weddings in Singapore, to be honest I was so not in a mood to go to Singapore. When my mum asked me to go, I was like 'fine then i'm going, urgh!'. It just four of us who's going, me, my mum, my brother and my lil sister. Because we didn't quite familiar with the roads in Singapore, we had to convoyed with my uncle and others which are to be counted there's six cars overall. My brother drove like a racing car, most of the time I was asleep coz i'm a bit dizzy when it came to a long journey vacation.

When we arrived, we checked in Hotel at Arab street. Then we go early dinner at Zamzam restaurant, the foods there was superb especially 'the murtabak' I love it so much, hee. Then we go shop, shop and shop. Most of the things I bought was school thingy like bag and shoes. I hate school, huu -.-

The next day, the wedding day, I was wearing my mum 'kebaya'. The kebaya that mama wears when she was young, it's so awesome really! A kebaya from generation to generation, haha. I look so girly that day, seriously. Oh and the wedding was different from us in Malaysia, not to glorious, so simple and nice I guess. And mostly singaporian were chinese and malay population was so little. 

That's all I guess, sweet bye :)

At the hotel lobby

My stylish sister Nur Jawidah

This is unique, look in the circle, a taxi :)

My beautiful mother, Junaidah

My relatives

The nyonya kebaya that I wore <3

From Bali With Love part 2

Hi :)
I'm not going to write a long post for this one, just some pictures, hee. We did shopped at Hard Rock Cafe Bali and I'm a bit upset because I didn't get a chance to buy a sweater that I want. It's because I didn't had enough money, it's a bit expensive though, poor me :'( But but I still tried it on without the salesman attention and took some pictures. I really do felt in love with that sweater, huu *regretted.

Yeah that's the sweater i'm talking about, smart isn't it? :)

Me and Wiwid :)

17 December 2010

From Bali With Love

Hello dearies :) Happy holidays again

I know I didn't make any new post for such a long time, I'm not busy though, but I just don't have that idea to write anything. Now that I just got back from my family vacation in Bali, I would like to share with you dear readers my splendid experiences I had there :) Bali is well known as the surfers paradise. Mostly people there were Hindu religions and Bali are rich with cultures and traditions. There's temple everywhere and we did visited some of the temple though. Like does non Muslim who want to enter the mosque, they need to wear a proper clothes that are already prepared before enter the mosque. So same goes to us, before we enter the temple, we need to wrap a colorful rope around our waist to show our respectful, but it's nothing really, just a single colorful rope around our waist just like a belt :) ---> I will show you pictures to make you more understanding.

That's what I'm talking about - the thing around my waist (the yellow one)

My sister wear the pink one while I wear the yellow one, I always love yellow though :)

On the way to the temple, we past this wavvy ocean. The sounds of the wave is really hard, It scares me a bit

Food, food and food

Talking about foods, everyone loves food, we die without them, LOL. When we just arrived there, It's nearly 7 p.m. and the sky already dark like it's midnight although the time here in, Malaysia and Bali are just the same. The tour guide named, hmm I don't even know >,< he asked the supir to brought us at this peaceful restaurant near the beach, on our way there, the tour guide keep on talking, and suprisingly he speaks English do, fuyoo, SUCH A SHOW OFF! . We ate seafood there, quite delicious, maybe because we were so starving after 3 hours in the plane. While eating we were entertained by the balinese dancers, the traditional dance there was called 'Tarian Barongan'. I must said that the fat male dancer was so scary, I was taking pictures of him and he was like looked me straight in the eyes, fuhhhh I took a few steps back before he attacking me with his freak, weirdo outfit, you really did scared me though Mr. scary. ---> don't worry, they are also pictures for this too, heeee :)

The lady dancer is very beautiful

Here come Mr. scary, scary right? totally scary :o

Look how terrified Izz Yamin is, If he can walk, I'm sured he will run as quick as lightning

Another one restaurant that was also quite interesting is located in the highland. If it highland then It will be cooler than our usual temperature. And amazingly it was near the active volcanic mount, it is a bit eerie you know, what if the volcano explode and we're all going to die there, cehh i'm just kidding though, it just my superb imagination, nothing much, LOL. Back to the point shall we, so we ate there, fyi it's a buffet restaurant, the foods are actually not so good, to be honest, but who cares right! when we're hungry everything seems delicious and yummy :) EAT TILL WE DROP!

Here it is, an active volcano, huuu

My sweetest little sister Wiwid

This picture is to show the foods and me too, hee

 The lovely Miss Dayah and The fierce Abapit

One happy family

My gorgeous mama

Me with baby Izz Yamin


02 December 2010

Avenged Sevenfold

Hey there! I just bought A7X new album 'Nightmare', I can't stop listening to their songs again and again. Gosh this is truly awesome :D and and I love Zacky Vengeance. Rocks (!)


 Zacky Vengeance - Guitarist

 Synyster Gates - Main Guitarist

 M. Shadow - Vocalist

 The best guitarist ever (!)

 Johnny Christ - Guitarist

And and here are the A7X album

Me with two of the Avenged Sevenfold albums *PEACE
Yahh I know my room is kinda messy, Ignore it, HAHA