29 December 2010

Graffiti is An Art

Hello there,

I dunno why I suddenly wanted to write about 'GRAFFITI'. Graffiti is well known as wall paintings, usually they used spray. We often seen graffiti arts around us, on the road side, an empty walls or an empty buildings. Not many people like it though because they said it was a vandalism. But they didn't vandalized things you know, they just made an arts, an images or even a simple word that combine to be words.

 Maybe this is an illegal things to do, but the graffiti they've done just so mesmerized, beautiful, awesome yet cool and sometimes there's hidden meanings behinds the images or words of the graffiti. I know it sounds silly, but the truth is I think the graffiti makers are way awesome because they can make arts using only a bottle of spray and the result was beyond our imagination.

 I love graffiti because is an art not because I support vandalism okay! lol :) At least they didn't do criminals such as stealing, killing, rob a bank or whatever, they just do paintings and spraying that in the end it makes an empty wall into a colorful arts.

 Farewell and sweetest bye.

I just watched Tron Legacy and the movie was full with lights and lasers. And when I was google-ing for graffiti images suddenly I found about 'Light Graffiti'. Gosh it was so lightning, and magic and beautiful. Just fantastic, I never knew about this light graffiti though. Here are some pictures :)

Isn't it magic? hee I love it

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