21 December 2010

Wedding in Singapore

Hey fellas,
Last weekend I was attended two weddings in Singapore, to be honest I was so not in a mood to go to Singapore. When my mum asked me to go, I was like 'fine then i'm going, urgh!'. It just four of us who's going, me, my mum, my brother and my lil sister. Because we didn't quite familiar with the roads in Singapore, we had to convoyed with my uncle and others which are to be counted there's six cars overall. My brother drove like a racing car, most of the time I was asleep coz i'm a bit dizzy when it came to a long journey vacation.

When we arrived, we checked in Hotel at Arab street. Then we go early dinner at Zamzam restaurant, the foods there was superb especially 'the murtabak' I love it so much, hee. Then we go shop, shop and shop. Most of the things I bought was school thingy like bag and shoes. I hate school, huu -.-

The next day, the wedding day, I was wearing my mum 'kebaya'. The kebaya that mama wears when she was young, it's so awesome really! A kebaya from generation to generation, haha. I look so girly that day, seriously. Oh and the wedding was different from us in Malaysia, not to glorious, so simple and nice I guess. And mostly singaporian were chinese and malay population was so little. 

That's all I guess, sweet bye :)

At the hotel lobby

My stylish sister Nur Jawidah

This is unique, look in the circle, a taxi :)

My beautiful mother, Junaidah

My relatives

The nyonya kebaya that I wore <3

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