21 November 2010

The End

 My Lovely School- Samttaj

Tick Tock Tick Tock the clock was ticking. And now that I just realize, I already past my school life chapter, my craziness, happiness, sadness, madness, hardness and all the mixed emotions I've been through all this year 2010 with my friends and teachers. This year was truly the extreme changes of my attitude and personality. Honestly I was a quiet student at school, I prefer to be alone and reading then gossip-ing with others. But then things changed when I met Ayuni, Aimi, Aqila, Hanin, Ili and Adila, they're awesome and the only girls I can stick with at school. Although all of us came from different classes but we still went to recess together. Maybe I'm not really fell in love with school, but school is cool though, hehe :). 

School is the only placed you gathered together, studied together and sometimes we were so excited to go to school just to meet the boy/girl that we admired, sounds funny but It's true *you're lying if you said you went to school because of nothing. In here (school) we gained new experiences, make histories and make new friends, studied new things and challenge ourselves with homeworks and exercise books *boring and annoying isn't it? But look at yourself now, how lucky you are to be who you are! All of this we learned at school :) and you should be thankful for getting the opportunity to studied at school then the other unfortunate children out there who just dreaming and imagining to be at school and learn like us :( SYUKUR ALHAMDULILLAH. 

And my last words before I show you my dear readers some photos of me and my friends, I would like to say if you have enough time, fill your time with knowledge and never stop learning something new. CHIAO and peaceful bye.

I HEART THEM  3 Ikhlas  3 Syukur 3 Taqwa 3 Zuhud 3 Sabar <3

 Ustaz Makhzun


 Love <3

 Aqila Ayuni Aliyah Aimi and Adila


Our nickname, I'm Ali, haha :)

My signature, I know it's ugly >,<

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