26 November 2010

When Boredom Strikes

Me and little monster

26.11.2010 Well hello there, holiday has started and here I am staying at home reading novels, online-ing, blogging, cycling and karaoke-ing with my sister, so extremely bored. Thanks goodness my mother asked me and my sisters out to Subang Parade today. My mum planned to buy a new perfume for her and us (her pretty daughters) and yes we did bought, thank you mama, you're the best mother in the world and the cutiest too, I love you. Oh oh and little monster named Izz Yamin also followed us and he's the only boy with us, very talkative, he talks and talks and I can't even understand a single word he said, but he's too cute though and I can't stand it, he's my new boyfriend now, LOL. After that we had our late dinner at Vicchuda Restaurant. I ordered mee goreng, and it tooks half an hour for me to wait. While everyone already finished their dishes,  mine just came, OMG I was so starving so I ate without saying a words. Thank you for such a quick service -.-. After that we went home and I helped my sister cleaning our cat place *disaster and the smell, oh I can't explain it here, too powerful, hee. Here are some pictures of us at Subang parade mall. Lovely bye :)

 He's cute, isn't he? Yes he is, he had twinkling and sparkling my days. And no doubt he's going to be very handsome boy when he grown up, hee :) Always remember me, your Auntie Leya okay Izz? LOL

From left my sisters Hidayah and Jawidah

Me, Izz Yamin, and my sister Annuryani. Izz mother

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