23 November 2010

Oh Fairy Alice Nightmare!

I did wrote before that books bring you to the world of imagination, fantasy and world of other creatures, such as fairies, skulls and world of alice :) That does effect me though, some of the movie that we watch today came from a book, a great writers who make us want to make their books, stories and the characters in it into reality such as Alice In The Wonderland, Harry Potter, Twilight Saga and many others. But the truth is reading the original story written in the book is way more better and fantastic *trust me because that happens to me a lot, when I'm reading about detective book I pretend myself as a world-famous detective, LOL. And when I'm reading sad love story, I made tears all the way until the end of the story, like It's really happened to me and heaven yeah It's funny, hehe :)

Sometimes I wish I could be a fairy and flyaway in the colorful gardens, play with flowers and have my own wings. Or I can be Alice and have my own adventure in the other world, a peculiar world which weird and freak creatures are living. And I also can be a skull, a beautiful skull and live in the world of afterlife.

 But I'm totally in love with Tim Burton movies. He was a wicked man, awesome and imaginative, gosh I adored his fantasy world. This are my favourite movies directed by him : Alice In The Wonderland, Coraline, Nightmare before Christmas, Corpse Bride, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory and and oh I forgot. I just wish I can be a character in his movie later *In my dream, I guess, haha. So now that I told you some of his movies, you might want to see the pictures right? It makes me curious too if I don't get to see something that I don't know, so now this is some pictures, I google it actually, hope you fell in love with my world of imagination and fantasy. Fairytale bye.

Alice In The Wonderland

Meet the hatter's

Fairytale World

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The sweet love of the skull

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  1. too much fantasy is no good. no good. it make you fall into the drain...hehehehe..*wink*